Luke's Story (Non-Fiction) - $12.00


"A puppy is found abandoned on the side of a road. After being rescued and healed of a serious illness, the puppy “Luke” is adopted by a young jeweler named Greg. Greg brings Luke to work every day at his seaside jewelry store in a historic island town. The friendly puppy greets customers, wears a red tie, and makes friends. Luke is curious and a bit mischievous. He is involved in numerous adventures and celebrations in the quaint town. The heartwarming tale shares Luke’s rescue, adoption, experiences, and lessons he learns in his first year of life. The name “Luke” means Bringer of Light. Luke brings smiles to all who meet him."


Luke's Story is the Gold winner of Florida Authors & Publishers Association 2014 President's Awards: Non-Fiction for Children.


Luke's Gold Rush Adventure (Fiction) - $12.00


"A young woman comes into the jewelry store to have Greg assess her grandfather’s pocket watch. Luke and Greg then travel to New York City to meet with an antique watch specialist. There, they observe a celebration parade featuring a stagecoach. Luke falls asleep and dreams, taking them back in time. In his dream, Greg and Luke embark on a stagecoach adventure across the uncivilized west. They meet a famous author, a famous merchant, Native Americans, and the Pony Express. They pan for gold with miners and face outlaws! A puppy is rescued and joins them on their journey. The history of the gold pocket watch is revealed at their destination. Luke awakens to a surprise ending."


Luke's Shipwreck Treasure Voyage (Fiction) - $12.00


"A customer asks Greg to make a necklace with his coin from a shipwreck. While on a fishing trip in the Florida Keys, Greg and Luke observe the remains of the Flagler East Coast Railway. In Key West, they stop in front
of a house where a famous author once lived and meet a young woman there feeding the cats. They observe a celebration of the discovery of treasure from a historical shipwreck. People were dressed as pirates on a replica of an old pirate ship. Greg and Luke visit a museum to examine the Spanish galleon’s artifacts, emeralds, and gold coins. On the trip, Luke learns about protecting sea life and the beautiful coral reefs. Luke’s dream takes them back in time. Greg and Luke are onboard a Spanish galleon when their ship is overtaken by pirates in a terrible storm. Luke rescues Greg, the crew, a Spanish princess, and a stowaway kitten while discovering the history of the customer’s gold coin. Luke awakens to a surprise ending!"


Luke's Orient Express Journey (Fiction) - $12.00


"It’s the holidays. A customer brings a blue diamond necklace into the jewelry store once belonging to a Duchess in France. Luke and Greg then deliver a repaired heirloom diamond tiara to a customer to wear at the first annual Red Tie Holiday Gala benefitting an animal rescue organization. At her estate, they see historical portraits of her royal family, and a painting of a feared character in a well-known children’s book. They meet her granddaughter from England who saves animals. Luke is mesmerized by a toy train going around a miniature village under a Christmas tree. Luke’s dream takes them back in time. Greg is a jeweler in London. Greg takes Luke on the Orient Express to deliver an iconic blue diamond necklace to a duchess in Paris. While there, they view historical landmarks. Back on the train, they are delayed in the middle of the Switzerland countryside to rescue an injured baby owl on the tracks. Greg must not be late to deliver a diamond and gem studded mask that he made for a princess to wear at a masquerade ball in Venice. Luke awakens to a surprise ending at the Red Tie Holiday Gala!


Luke's Rainforest Exploration (Fiction) - $12.00


"A customer from Brazil picks up her amethyst gemstone amulet necklace from Greg while her daughters share their toy flamingo and toy sloth with Luke. The final customer of the day asks Greg to design a special pendent of his rescued rainforest dog. Greg and Luke attend their town event to celebrate the renovated fountain, designed by a local architect over eighty years ago. The architect was also known for walking the seaside town with his pet monkey and parrot. Greg takes Luke on his favorite walk along the Lake Trail where they rest under the giant two-hundred-year-old kapok tree. A magic ladybug lands on Luke’s nose. Greg tells Luke to make a wish and his dreams will be blessed. Luke’s dream sequence of events unfold, with Luke and Greg in a seaplane landing in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. Luke and Greg befriend a Brazilian Princess, her baby jaguar, monkey, and the children who care for a rainforest dog, sloth, parrot, flamingo, and other beautiful rainforest creatures. They learn the cultural significance of the Kayapo Tribe’s beautiful jewelry. With the help of special agents, Luke and Greg stop the villain loggers from further destroying the rainforest, saving the habitats and lives of Luke’s friends."


Luke's African Safari (Fiction) - $12.00


"Greg’s first customer of the day is a woman from Africa who purchases a sapphire gemstone ring. Another woman walks in the store draped in an animal fur wrap, making Luke uneasy. The final customer of the day purchases lion and elephant design cufflinks. A conservationist, he invites Greg and Luke to attend a lecture he will give at a local wildlife preserve.

Luke and Greg attend their customer's lecture, and participate in a drive-through safari on the preserve. Luke learns about faux fur products that prevent the harming and extinction of wildlife.

When they stay overnight in the campground, Luke is startled by the sound of a lion’s roar coming from the nearby preserve.

Luke’s dream sequence of events unfold with Greg and Luke flying over Mount Kilimanjaro. They land in Kenya, known for its diverse array of wildlife, and embark on an African safari. They view herds of zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, and hippopotamuses from a hot air balloon excursion. They encounter lions, leopards, African wild dogs, a cheetah, and a mother baboon with her baby. They also visit a local village school and meet an African Princess teacher and her students. They meet a Maasai woman and learn the cultural significance of the Maasai tribe’s beautiful jewelry.

Luke and Greg take off in a helicopter with the anti-poaching unit in an effort to capture the villain poachers who are harming wildlife. Then they visit an elephant rescue orphanage to see the babies and the people who care for them.

When Luke awakens from his dream, he meets a baby rhinoceros born that morning at the preserve."


Luke's Everglades Excursion (Fiction) - $12.00


"Luke greets a woman and her young daughter as they enter Greg's jewelry store. The woman purchases a beautiful charm bracelet with ocean creatures. The young girl is wearing a shell necklace she made for herself. Greg tells them about the Calusa tribe, Native Americans who lived in Florida. They made jewelry from seashells and were known as the Shell Indians.

After work, Greg takes Luke on a walk. Luke learns about the Barefoot Mailman. Greg also tells Luke about a man named Alligator Joe who wrestled alligators to entertain the tourists who visited their seaside town. On the Lake Trail, Luke sees a pelican, other birds wading in the lake, fish jumping from the water, and a manatee. Greg decides to take Luke on a weekend trip to Everglades National Park to see more wildlife.

In the park, Luke and Greg take rides on an airboat and a swamp buggy, and they see beautiful wildlife in their unique habitats. A guide tells them about an invasive species living in the Everglades, the Burmese python. Under the night sky, Luke learns about the Milky Way galaxy, natural light, and nocturnal animals, and he discovers how light pollution from cities harms wildlife. Luke makes a wish upon a shooting star.

Luke and Greg visit a Seminole Indian Reservation where women are making colorful patchwork clothing, dolls, and beaded jewelry. They learn the cultural significance of the beautiful Seminole jewelry. Then they sit around a big fire pit and listen to some of the old Indian legends.

Luke’s dream sequence introduces him to a special patrol team. He and Greg join the team to hunt and capture a python, the most dangerous predator in the Everglades. When Luke wakes up, Greg tells him about environmentalists like Jimmy Buffet. When the world is safe for all animals, Luke's shooting star wish will come true."



Luke's Adventure Series 7-Book Collection (Fiction) - $77.00


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