A Word From Luke's Fans...

"Thank you so much for coming out to Manatee Elementary. Your presentation blew the students away.

They loved hearing about Luke and meeting him too. It was great how you shared your experience about
'how' you became a writer and what inspired you. I know for sure you've inspired many of the students here."

-Amy Evans
Manatee Elementary



"Hi Susan, I can't thank you enough for visiting Frontier Elementary. The students were so "Star Struck" to be able to meet a real live author. They just think books get printed and there is not a REAL person behind the scenes. Telling your personal story really made things relatable for the students. Having Luke come out was a definite treat for them. I am sure they will remember the experience for a long time. Thank you"

-Mrs. Williams
Media Specialist, Frontier Elementary



"Hi Susan,

I loved Luke and his stories! I know you are making a difference!!! Brought back memories of my baby that I rescued from an abuser that had parvo and was so very sick... He won the lotto and was always so full of love and made me smile every single day! 💖💖💖💖💖"

-Mrs. Purdy
Media Clerk, Del Prado Elementary



"The day after Luke's visit, the children brought in an additional $191.00 donation for Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the largest single day donation to date"
-Jill Ostaffe

Making a Change Program, Discovery Key Elementary


"Seminole Trails Elementary school was extremely privileged to welcome Ms. Beattie to our school
during "Celebrate Literacy Week".  Ms. Beattie's presentation was wonderful.  She kept our students
engaged the whole time.  I would highly recommend bringing Ms. Beattie to your school!"

-Lisa Seymour
Media Specialist, Seminole Trails Elementary School



“Hello, I am Grace. Today I saw Luke while biking down the street by the big tree. We have your/Luke's book.
He was very cute and his fur was very soft. I loved his website. Thank you for your time.”

From, Grace


"Our students at Sandpiper Shores were enthralled by Luke's Story and are eager for the next book to come out!"

-Michelle Gunning
Media Specialist, Sandpiper Shores Elementary



"Hi Susan, The kids really enjoyed learning about your story telling process and hearing all about your cutie, Luke! They were so excited to get autographed books and they LOVE the plush Luke dogs. Such a fabulous experience and a powerful lesson for my SPES KIDDOS! Thanks for a terrific visit and we wish you lots of luck with your award nomination and next book!!

-Alicia Steiger
Principal, Sunrise Park Elementary School Literacy Camp



"Thank you and your family for all that you are doing for Luke and dogs and puppies like Luke. You will never know how many lives you have saved and changed because of your wonderful book. Thanks for sharing and caring!"

-Kristen Cowling
Board Member of Big Dog Ranch Rescue



“Dear Susan, Thank you for donating a copy of “Luke’s Story” and a miniature plush for our Junior League Once upon a Tea Event. Luke’s Story has, and will continue, to touch so many lives and educate others about the mission of BDRR. Thank you!”

-Sarah Morrow


“Good morning, I’d like to thank you for coming out here this morning and presenting your book and movie! The kids had such a great time and are already talking about it in the library!”

-Bobbi Norwitch
Media Specialist, Acreage Pines Elementary



“Susan, you came to New Horizons yesterday and my Kindergarten class was honored to see and hear your book. I would like to order 17 copies of your book, one for me and one for each of my students as an end of year gift.”

-Gwen Lyons
Teacher, New Horizons Elementary



“Your presentations were amazing – you have such a gift for storytelling as well as commanding the attention of small children! I bet you were a fabulous teacher!”

-Betty Sayer
Rosarian Academy



"Author Visits are so important because while I can do an awesome reading of a story, I am limited to my own personal knowledge of the book. When you invite the author in, you get their perspective and so much more!"

-Shannon Culp
Media Specialist



“Susan, What a marvelous book. The art work is amazing and I particularly enjoyed the story behind the artist and how the beautiful pictures came to be. Look forward to your return.”

-Sharon Stevens
Principal of Palm Beach Public



"What I appreciate most about "Luke's Story" is that it resonates with all ages; it is such a heartwarming story that weaves so many parts of our community together. Susan's great work and creativity has brought "Luke's Story" well beyond the island of Palm Beach. I can't wait for the sequel..."

-William Bourbeau
Wells Fargo Private Bank SVP



“Love this book! Great artwork of PB as well Luke is adorable and so very lucky to be adopted by these two wonderful people, Sue and Greg Beattie. Luke went from rags to riches! Very cute story of his new life in PB.”

-Maureen Conte


"Hi Susan,

I am a volunteer foster for BDRR weims in St. Pete and rescued my weim from BDRR a couple years ago. Rescuing and fostering with BDRR has been a life changing experience. I can't tell you enough how remarkable I think it is that you have chosen to write a children's book to educate others on the importance of rescuing. One reason I found your book so fascinating is that I am a first grade teacher so I spend a lot of time educating my students on animal rescue and adoption. The principal at my school is "dog friendly" so I have therapy dogs that come to my classroom and I often take my weim to school with me. I noticed that you are scheduling speaking engagements and signings for your book and would love to hear more about the opportunities for attending one or scheduling one here in St. Pete for my students. Your website mentioned that you speak at local schools so I am not sure how far you travel, but I would love to hear more about it. I look forward to hearing back from you and will continue to check your website for book signings so that I can attend one! Kind Regards."

-Sarah M.


"Dear Ms. Beattie,

Thank you so much for sending me copies of your book: Luke´s Story. It is a beautiful heartwarming story. What a delight to read...even for a senior citizen like me. I will pass the blessings on."

-Larry S.



Just a note to thank you for my autographed copy of Luke´s Story. I wanted you to know that I´ve glanced through many children´s book for the little ones in our family and "Luke" far outshines anything I´ve seen. Every page is a treasure of words and art and I´m sure any adult who reads it will be as delighted with the lovely blend of both as I am."

-Phyllis G.

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