Hi Susan, I can’t thank you enough for visiting Frontier Elementary. The students were so “Star Struck” to be able to meet a real live author. They just think books get printed and there is not a REAL person behind the scenes. Telling your personal story really made things relatable for the students. Having Luke come out was a definite treat for them. I am sure they will remember the experience for a long time. Thank you! 

-Mrs. Williams
Media Specialist at Frontier Elementary

Our Goal is to inspire and empower everyone to become environmental stewards. We are collaborating with educators, professors, and conservationists to involve our community and students to participate in stewardship experiences through our short films.

Luke’s Mission

10 Year Anniversary Book

Learn the full story of Luke’s travels.  This book is narrated by Luke as he shares his beginning of life and his adventures in present and future books saving animals all over the world.. His adventure takes him to far away places, meeting people from around the world and beyond! 

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It’s not only about the destination, it’s how you get there, who you travel with, and who you meet along the way…

Be sure to check out Luke and his adventures Today!  Head on over to his bookstore today and check out all of his stories and more!

I met you today and bought one of your books for my 8 year old son. He loves the book! He keeps saying, “This is a really good book!” I am going online to buy the whole series and we will be interested in the next series when it comes out!

Missy S.

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