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Luke was abandoned and contracted parvovirus from a high kill shelter where he was housed. Big Dog Ranch Rescue sent volunteers to rescue Luke and quickly transported him to an emergency clinic for critical care. Luke received a blood transfusion and IV fluids to save him. When well enough, Luke was taken to the rescue's facility to continue his medical treatment. A month later Luke was ready for adoption. Susan's Son adopted Luke and a Children's Book Series was born!

*The statistics of animal neglect, abandonment, and abuse are staggering. Through education, community awareness, and community involvement, we can make a change to significantly reduce and eliminate these statistics. Change starts with educating our children.


Author Susan Beattie created Palm Beach Island Publishing, LLC as an independent educational company with a charitable corporate mission. It was established in 2012 to publish and distribute her award-winning Luke’s Story children’s book and Luke’s Adventure Series.

Susan’s books are written from the point of view of a real dog named Luke, who is the main character and hero in her books. In real life, Luke was abandoned and very sick when only a puppy. He was rescued and survived against all odds thanks to medical care received from a compassionate animal rescue organization. Susan’s son Greg adopted the puppy and they became Luke’s caregivers. Her closeness to Luke from the time he was a puppy allows her to transpose Luke’s endearing and adventurous personality to her writing. In so doing, Susan channels observations through Luke via vivid illustrations and text, which enables her readers to experience what Luke sees and feels.

Susan’s books are written to teach young students compassion for all domestic animals, wildlife and their habitats, a love for adventure, travel, and to enjoy reading. Susan, a former elementary school teacher, is intent on bringing awareness to readers of all ages, the valuable roll that each and everyone plays from a young age on while accentuating the positive difference we all can make by leaving a positive footprint, and/or “paw print” as a good example to follow. This empowers children to become leaders.

Susan is committed to continue writing her series of creative books which have proven to capture the imagination of children and adults alike. As proof of concept, Luke’s Story and Luke’s Adventure Series books are in all 112 Palm Beach County, Florida school libraries. This amounts to a reading audience of over 90,000 students which includes teachers and engaged parents. It is in witnessing children motivated to read books of this nature that Susan is set on tackling her next big challenge.

Susan is striving to have her mission shared with a wider audience, and therefore, her goal is to have her books gifted to school libraries and educational organizations nationwide. She is looking for support in achieving this goal. To do this, at the end of each book there are back pages where Susan features local and international domestic animal rescue and wildlife conservation organizations, highlighting their educational programs and some of their animals’ stories of rescue and rehabilitation. Examples are the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society, The South Florida Science Center, Loggerhead Marinelife Center, and Lion Country Safari to name a few. She also features local and international heroes who are making a difference such as primatologist Jane Goodall and conservationists like the late Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s life work saving elephants in Kenya.


This is Susan’s way of bringing awareness to deserving charitable organizations and exemplary leadership to be replicated in counties throughout the country that have local educational and community organizations, preservation societies, museums, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries, and other deserving charitable foundations that fit the subject areas of Susan’s stories and the mission of Susan’s books. Susan is available for author speaking engagements in participating communities.


Susan is looking for donors interested in children’s education to make a tax-deductible contribution to feature a charitable organization of the donor’s choice to bring awareness to the mission of a worthy organization or to an outstanding individual leader in education/conservation through the purchase of a back page in one of Susan’s existing or future planned books.

In addition to publishing the featured back page, Palm Beach Island Publishing LLC will distribute 200 contributed books to the donor’s choice of schools and or public libraries in their community.


Susan is reaching out, especially to family offices, to take part in a national rollout of her books and educational materials to communities throughout the United States, to give access to her books for as many children as possible.

For information on helping as a donor, please call Palm Beach Island Publishing at 561-452-5573 or email Susan@LukeStory.com and visit www.LukesStory.com.

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