Luke’s Blog & Vlog

What is Luke up to?

Luke is always excited to share where he has been and what he has been up to, from adventures around the town, to fun facts and more!  Click on his posts below to learn new and interesting things about what is going on in Luke’s World.

Luke’s Western Adventure Vlog

Join Luke and Susan as they go on his journey westward to Colorado, discovering new places and meeting new friends across the United States! Together they begin in Palm Beach, Florida and travel in the Luke Mobile along the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Then their adventure takes them north through Texas and Oklahoma, […]

My Inspiration

Join me, as I talk about about my storyboards, research, travels, and visits to wildlife sanctuaries, accredited zoos and museums in preparation to write each book.   Want to see more?  Luke and Susan are on their way to more adventures! They have been very busy writing and sharing their stories to readers of all […]

Luke’s Eastern Seaboard Trip Vlog

Our trip was an amazing educational and inspirational adventure. VIDEO COMING SOON! This vlog, is in keeping with our mission to teach compassion, responsibility for domestic animals, protection of wildlife and their habitats, the conservation of earth’s natural beauty, preservation of history, a love for adventure, and the importance of making a difference by leaving […]

Do Dogs Dream?

Fun Fact Scientists​ certainly think so! They believe that dogs dream as people do. Pretty incredible! Dogs replay moments from their day while they are fast asleep. Most dog owners have noticed that at various times while sleeping, their dogs will quiver, make leg twitches or may growl or snap at some sleep-create phantom, giving […]

Coming Soon!

New Books Are Coming Soon! Join Luke as his adventure series continues to journey around the globe! From Egypt to the polar ice caps…. even stepping to placesout of this world. Stay tuned for updates of the release dates of Luke’s newest books. Be sure to follow his travels on Facebook as well. STAY TUNED […]