Luke’s Orient Express Journey


“It’s the holidays. A customer brings a blue diamond necklace into the jewelry store once belonging to a Duchess in France. Luke and Greg then deliver a repaired heirloom diamond tiara to a customer to wear at the first annual Red Tie Holiday Gala benefitting an animal rescue organization. At her estate, they see historical portraits of her royal family, and a painting of a feared character in a well-known children’s book. They meet her granddaughter from England who saves animals. Luke is mesmerized by a toy train going around a miniature village under a Christmas tree. Luke’s dream takes them back in time. Greg is a jeweler in London. Greg takes Luke on the Orient Express to deliver an iconic blue diamond necklace to a duchess in Paris. While there, they view historical landmarks. Back on the train, they are delayed in the middle of the Switzerland countryside to rescue an injured baby owl on the tracks. Greg must not be late to deliver a diamond and gem studded mask that he made for a princess to wear at a masquerade ball in Venice. Luke awakens to a surprise ending at the Red Tie Holiday Gala!