Luke’s Shipwreck Treasure Voyage


“A customer asks Greg to make a necklace with his coin from a shipwreck. While on a fishing trip in the Florida Keys, Greg and Luke observe the remains of the Flagler East Coast Railway. In Key West, they stop in front
of a house where a famous author once lived and meet a young woman there feeding the cats. They observe a celebration of the discovery of treasure from a historical shipwreck. People were dressed as pirates on a replica of an old pirate ship. Greg and Luke visit a museum to examine the Spanish galleon’s artifacts, emeralds, and gold coins. On the trip, Luke learns about protecting sea life and the beautiful coral reefs. Luke’s dream takes them back in time. Greg and Luke are onboard a Spanish galleon when their ship is overtaken by pirates in a terrible storm. Luke rescues Greg, the crew, a Spanish princess, and a stowaway kitten while discovering the history of the customer’s gold coin. Luke awakens to a surprise ending!”

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