Luke’s African Safari


“Greg’s first customer of the day is a woman from Africa who purchases a sapphire gemstone ring. Another woman walks in the store draped in an animal fur wrap, making Luke uneasy. The final customer of the day purchases lion and elephant design cufflinks. A conservationist, he invites Greg and Luke to attend a lecture he will give at a local wildlife preserve.

Luke and Greg attend their customer’s lecture, and participate in a drive-through safari on the preserve. Luke learns about faux fur products that prevent the harming and extinction of wildlife.

When they stay overnight in the campground, Luke is startled by the sound of a lion’s roar coming from the nearby preserve.

Luke’s dream sequence of events unfold with Greg and Luke flying over Mount Kilimanjaro. They land in Kenya, known for its diverse array of wildlife, and embark on an African safari. They view herds of zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, and hippopotamuses from a hot air balloon excursion. They encounter lions, leopards, African wild dogs, a cheetah, and a mother baboon with her baby. They also visit a local village school and meet an African Princess teacher and her students. They meet a Maasai woman and learn the cultural significance of the Maasai tribe’s beautiful jewelry.

Luke and Greg take off in a helicopter with the anti-poaching unit in an effort to capture the villain poachers who are harming wildlife. Then they visit an elephant rescue orphanage to see the babies and the people who care for them.

When Luke awakens from his dream, he meets a baby rhinoceros born that morning at the preserve.”