Luke’s Egyptian Discovery

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A customer brings in an heirloom topaz ring from her Egyptian ancestors.  The colors of the Egyptian stones were once believed to have magical symbolism that could provide the wearer with good luck. Greg and Luke embark on a weekend trip to a state park, where by canoe they view the preserved hut of a historic animal trapper.  Luke learns about the animals and their habitats in the park. In Luke’s dream sequence of events, he accompanies Greg on a trip through Egypt from the Sahara desert ot he Nile River. They travel by camel to discover the tomb of the pharaohs Cleopatra and King Tutankhamen, Egyptian pyramids, and the Sphinx. With the help of an Egyptian Princess, they expose a villain trapper, his vulture and cobra, to save the endangered Egyptian tortoise and the beautiful Saharan cheetah. They uncover ancient Egyptian gems including the magical topaz and a scarab artifact. Luke awakens to a surprise ending.