Luke’s Rainforest Exploration


“A customer from Brazil picks up her amethyst gemstone amulet necklace from Greg while her daughters share their toy flamingo and toy sloth with Luke. The final customer of the day asks Greg to design a special pendent of his rescued rainforest dog. Greg and Luke attend their town event to celebrate the renovated fountain, designed by a local architect over eighty years ago. The architect was also known for walking the seaside town with his pet monkey and parrot. Greg takes Luke on his favorite walk along the Lake Trail where they rest under the giant two-hundred-year-old kapok tree. A magic ladybug lands on Luke’s nose. Greg tells Luke to make a wish and his dreams will be blessed. Luke’s dream sequence of events unfold, with Luke and Greg in a seaplane landing in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. Luke and Greg befriend a Brazilian Princess, her baby jaguar, monkey, and the children who care for a rainforest dog, sloth, parrot, flamingo, and other beautiful rainforest creatures. They learn the cultural significance of the Kayapo Tribe’s beautiful jewelry. With the help of special agents, Luke and Greg stop the villain loggers from further destroying the rainforest, saving the habitats and lives of Luke’s friends.”